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New Perspectives on Virtue and Vice

International Conference at the Center of Advanced Studies, LMU Munich
In cooperation with the Munich Competence Center for Ethics (MKE)

4 – 5 February, 2011

Center for Advanced Studies
Seestraße 13
80802 München

The philosophical discussion of virtue today continues to be closely associated with a broadly Aristotelian paradigm centering on the notion of eudaimonia – human flourishing or happiness – as an overarching good at which virtuous action is directed, and often presupposing a naturalistic framework within which virtue is understood as the perfection of human nature. However, in recent years philosophers have begun to question whether the Aristotelian paradigm provides in fact the most fruitful and plausible framework for a convincing account of virtue, and have subjected some of the fundamental tenets of Aristotle’s account – such as the link between virtue and eudaimonia, the thesis that virtue necessarily leads to right action, or the doctrine of the unity of the virtues – to critical scrutiny. By bringing together philosophers who work on virtue within a broadly Aristotelian paradigm with others who are critical of this paradigm or favor alternative approaches, this conference aims to reflect the variety of philosophical perspectives from which virtue is being discussed today.

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Friday, 4 February


  • 9.15 – 9.30: Welcome
  • 9.30 – 10.45: The Benefit of Virtue (Christoph Halbig, Justus-Liebig-University, Giessen)
  • 10.45 – 11.15: Coffee
  • 11.15 – 12.30: Virtue Ethics and Good Human Beings (Philipp Brüllmann, Humboldt University, Berlin)
  • 12.30 – 13.30: Lunch Break
  • 13.30 – 14.45: Toward a Humean Virtue Ethics (Lorenzo Greco, Sapienza, University of Rome)
  • 14.45 – 15.15: Coffee
  • 15.15 – 16.30: From Radical Evil to the Virtuous Disposition: Kant on Moral Progress (Liesbet Vanhaute, University of Antwerp)
  • 16.45 – 18.00: A Kantian Plea for Virtues (Erasmus Mayr, LMU, Munich)
  • 18.00 – 19.00: Reception
  • 19.00: Justice as a Virtue (Candace Vogler, University of Chicago)


Saturday, 5 February


  • 9.00 – 10.15: Aristotle on Virtue: Wrong, Wrong and Wrong (Thomas Hurka, University of Toronto)
  • 10.15 – 10.45: Coffee
  • 10.45 – 12.00: The Doctrine of the Mean and the Unity of the Virtues (Anthony Price, Birkbeck College, London)
  • 12.00 – 13.00: Lunch Break
  • 13.00 – 14.15: Personal Projects as Reasons (Monika Betzler, University of Bern)
  • 14.30 – 15.45: Virtue, Happiness and Knowledge (Julia Peters, LMU, Munich)
  • 15.45 – 16.15: Coffee
  • 16.15 – 17.45: Theoretical Wisdom and Contemporary Virtue Ethics (Matthew Walker, Rutgers University, New Brunswick)
  • 20.00: Conference Dinner



Convenors: Dr. Julia Peters, Prof. Dr. Wilhelm Vossenkuhl

Organization: Dr. Julia Peters, Max Teichert


If you wish to attend the conference, please register at virtue-and-vice-2011@cas.lmu.de.

If you wish to attend the evening lecture by Candace Vogler, please register at info@cas.lmu.de


For any questions, please contact virtue-and-vice-2011@cas.lmu.de or