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MGCE 2022


We plan to hold the conference on-site in Munich, but due to the ongoing pandemic, we may have to decide to host the conference online via Zoom.

If you like to attend the conference, please register at organisers.mgce@lrz.uni-muenchen.de. Please view the Call for Abstracts for further information.

Ten postgraduate speakers will be invited to present their work in talks of 20min, which will each be followed by a commentary by a PhD student from LMU and about 15min of discussion. The keynotes will be given by Prof. Dr. Laura Valentini (LMU) and Prof. Dr. Rae Langton (University of Cambridge).

We invite submissions by MA students, PhD students as well as researchers who obtained their PhD no earlier than 2020.
Submission deadline is March 31st 2022, and we aim to get back to applicants by May 1st.

The conference is committed to creating an inclusive and diverse environment. We welcome participants from any background, and in particular encourage members of underrepresented groups to apply and participate. We aim to provide childcare (please let us know if you need it), and will be doing our best to make this conference an accessible, supportive and friendly space for everyone. Everyone is free to leave the conference at any time for any reason. If you have any other requirements facilitating your attendance, do not hesitate to get in touch.

Please direct any questions and enquiries to organisers.mgce@lrz.uni-muenchen.de.

The conference is generously supported by the Center for Ethics and Philosophy in Practice (Zentrum für Ethik und Philosophie in der Praxis, ZEPP), the LMU Graduate Center, the Commission for study grants (Studienzuschusskommission, SZK), the faculty's Mentoring Program for Female Philosophers (LMU Mentoring), Gesellschaft für Analytische Philosophie e.V. (GAP), and the Society for Women in Philosophy (SWIP).

For impressions of the last two MGCE, you can have a look at the archive. If you want to stay updated, sign up for our regular newsletter (in German only).


Thursday, July 28th

9:30–10:00 Arrival and Welcome
10:00–10:45 Dorothee Bleisch (FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg): Why Conceptual Arguments for the Usability Demand Are a Dead End
Comment: Marius Baumann (LMU)
10:45–11:30 Dominik Boll (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam): Responsible Persons, Positive Reactive Attitudes, and the Function of Taking Responsibility
Comment: Daniel Sharp (LMU)
11:30–11:45 Short Break
11:45–12:30 Felix Lambrecht (Toronto): The Timing Challenge and its solution:
Towards a theory of reparative justice for historical injustice
Comment: Korbinian Rüger (LMU)
12:30–13:15 Eline Gerritsen (St Andrews, Groningen): The Autonomous Significance of Etiquette and Morality
Comment: Max Weber (LMU)
13:15–14:45 Lunch
14:45–15:30 Jake Lehrle-Fry (Aarhus): Must we do anything about our friends with bad beliefs?
Comment: Sinja Hofmann (LMU)
15:30–16:15 Laurenz Ramsauer (Chicago): Kant’s Racism as a Philosophical Problem
Comment: Eytan Celik (LMU)
16:15–16:30 Short Break
16:30–18:00 Keynote: Prof Rae Langton (Cambridge): Free speech as the protection and enablement of speech acts that matter

Dinner from 19:30 at bodhi, Ligsalzstraße 23, Munich

Friday, July 29th

9:30–10:00 Arrival
10:00–10:45 Michael Haiden (Salzburg): Blame, Punishment and Human Enhancement
Comment: Sarah Köglsperger (LMU)
10:45–11:30 Laura Soter (University of Michigan): The Cognitive Work of Friendship
Comment: Simon Stromer (LMU)
11:30–11:45 Short Break
11:45–13:15 Career Workshop with Dr. Isolde von Bülow (Graduate Center LMU)
13:15–14:45 Lunch
14:45–15:30 Anna Milioni (King's College London, University of Geneva): Living under the power of the democratic state
Comment: Rasa Davidavičiūtė (LMU)
15:30–16:15 Benedict Lane (Exeter): (How) are moral revolutions morally progressive?
Comment: Marina Moreno (LMU)
16:15–16:30 Short Break
16:30–18:00 Keynote: Prof Laura Valentini (LMU): On our moral standing to claim

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