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The Munich Lectures in Ethics


Inaugurated in 2019, the Munich Lectures in Ethics are the flagship event of the Center for Ethics and Philosophy in Practice which aims at becoming one of the major international events in the humanities at LMU. Although the Munich Lectures in Ethics are held as a biannual series, the individual lectures are standalone events covering a broad range of topics in ethics and practical philosophy. Over the course of three days, outstanding international scholars such as Philipp Kitcher (speaker of 2019), Onora O’Neill (2021 speaker) and Susan Wolf (confirmed for 2023), share new work on a topical issue. After their last lecture they are joined by distinguished commentators from the top of their field, who will offer a critical contribution each. The individual lectures as well as the comments and replies are subsequently published by Oxford University Press.

This event is generously funded by the DFG (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft).

The 2021 Lecture

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